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The film is about a young white lion named, "Letsatsi," who survives against all odds.

Richardson went to college and studied zoology, but quit following two years of repetitive lessons on marine biology instead of mammals.

While specializing in lions, he also interacted with hyenas and leopards.

Richardson has worked with big cats and relies on intuition rather than static rules. Along with lions, he has worked with cheetahs, leopards, and hyenas. Richardson has been scratched, punctured and bitten but never in a malicious way. In an interview, he mentions, "Obviously one realizes the danger when working with animals of this calibre, I've weighed the pros and I've weighed the cons, and the pros far outweigh the cons." He warns about following in his footsteps, however.

As an adult, Richardson believed that he would never have a career working with animals and that it would remain a hobby of his.

He started taking courses in physiology and anatomy in college and became an exercise physiologist.

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Rodney Fuhr and his wife, Ilana, independently funded the movie and served as executive producers.

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